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Ok, I've completed the schematic, and are laying out the PCB. This could take some time. FADDY did some changes as he was previously building the CAM85 then went to CAM85m.

About the only issue I have seen is that he left on R13, a 3.9K between VT2 drain to base of VT3. Since Vt3 is now not a FET (it's now a NPN bipolar BC857B) it looks to require inclusion. But its simple enough to leave out if required.

I pretty much have all component values sewn up and cross checked parts to actual PCB. But transposing his PCB to mine.... placing the PCB components on my PCB requires high accuracy for: holes; via's; traces; everything... etc. FADDY has already completed this. I don't mind doing this butit will take some time.

So, the question is:
We can use "FADDY's" gerbers right now as I'm confident they are ok and I have a handle on his components; or
Wait till I complete my PCB and use this to cross check each trace etc.

So...what's it to be?

Decisions Decisions...
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