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Argo Navis Telescope Pointing Anaysis System (TPAS) and tracking

Originally Posted by mbaddah View Post
Hi Gary,

Out of curiosity does TPAS help improve the servocat tracking, or does it only help with slewing to the object?
Hi Mohammed,

As you are probably aware, Argo Navis performs all the tracking rate
calculations on behalf of the ServoCAT.

On a big Dob like yours, which is an alt/az mount, the tracking rates
are continually changing on each axis.

Tracking is simply the first differential of pointing - that is, pointing
as a function of time.

So the corrections TPAS makes helps with tracking.

However, having said that, the nature of systematic mount pointing
errors are that they are "continuous", as opposed to abrupt,
as you move across the sky and their magnitude and direction only
tends to change slowly.

So once corrections are made to pointing, the influence those corrections
make out at that first differential of tracking also tend only to
be small.

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