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Originally Posted by Jatz View Post
I have to say, I'm still a huge fan of TV plossls; there is just something about the view through them that looks a little bit higher-def. than anything else that I have used. I have collected the 32, 20, 15 and 11 TV plossls and a 24 Pan and a TV 2.5x powermate round out my A-team.

I also have a 7mm William Optics UWAN - however, despite being a great eyepiece, I seem to prefer a slightly narrower field of view than 80 deg. (am I alone on this?). I'm wondering if a 6 or 8 Radian might be the way to go instead...

Anyway, I think that finishes off my first post on IIS!
Welcome Jatz, I too prefer narrower eps, most of mine are in the 65-72 range. you've broken the posting ice, no excuse now not to post about your scope etc.
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