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Hey Pete,

Did you use the cable that came with the camera? Sbig st4 cable is straight and others like the qhy5 and ssag are crossover, they can be easy to mix up.

I have found that ccdsoft tends to work better than maxim and ccdap, a lot of the time maxim sent the guide directions the wrong way around, I didn't try and fix it, I just changed to ccdsoft and it works fine. Adding further to this the latest update of ccdap uses the skyx camera add-on. Thats another option I suppose, I haven't tried it as yet, I'll let everyone else try it and see!

I have also heard of a stl11k having one guide (relay, although they are optically isolated) stuck on as well from new. Which is another reason to use ccdsoft as you will be able to pulseguide directly to skyx/pmx without the cable.

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