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Triboniophorus graeffei

Originally Posted by zenith View Post
The next picture should be something "slow moving".
Triboniophorus graeffei (family Athoracophoridae) - the red triangle slug - a species of native Australian slug.

In emails from Michael Shea, The Australian Museum, in 2007 -

Originally Posted by Michael Shea, The Australian Museum
Dear Gary,

The slugs are of a species currently known as Triboniophorus graeffei (family Athoracophoridae)- these smooth cream coloured ones are known from the eastern side of the Pacific Highway at Mt Kuringai and Mt Colah (Cowan Creek/Kuringai NP side) while a grey warty one with an orange triangle and foot border is known from the Berowra Valley side.

This family of slugs is currently under review by a New Zealand worker named Gary Barker who will be giving the northern Sydney Triboniophorus species two different names.

I am currently writing a field guide on the land snails and slugs of eastern Australia in co authorship with Dr John Stanisic from the Queensland Museum. I was most impressed with your photograph and was wondering if I could use it in our book.


Thank you for giving us permission to reproduce your Triboniophorus images for our book – they are very descriptive and show a range of external characters that clearly define that genus and family of molluscs. There is another unusual Triboniophorus species (as yet undescribed) which occurs in the Berowra Valley and across to Glenorie on the western side of Mt Kuringai. It has a grey warty body with a tangerine/orange foot border and triangle. At Mt Kaputar near Narrabri, the local Triboniophorus has a brilliant scarlet body. They all make good subjects for photograph.
The next photo should contain something very old.

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