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Backlash-Sloppy motor issues,advice sort.


Just getting into a little AG'ed astro photography.Have cable issues sorted and the Orion AG system is certainly working,with no problems.

I had a quick 10 shots last night,at two objects,But I was not impressed with success rate,Only one image was half reasonable.

It appears there is backlash/sloppy-ness in the motors,there is some comp adjustment on paddle so I will try that.Just wondering what I can do if tat does not get a bit higher success rate.

Or am I expected too much from such a short session?? I hear people say this AGing can be hit and miss??,some nights its all good.

Only after a couple of shots on the second object,did the AG seem to work better,and I changed the setting from 2.5 sec capture to 1 sec capture.

The mount is permantly set up and PA,and worked well unguided with DD1 set up for up to 3 minute exp.I hope This new set up gets better as I spend more time on it.

Any thoughts opr advice welcome-thanks Chris
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