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LYRA: The Grand Tour.

Below are the subjects in Lyra that I wish to view:-

The Main Stars.

Alpha Lyrae (Lyr): Vega. 5th brightest star in the night sky.

Beta Lyre - Varies by 1.2 mags in 13 days. It is also a double star.

Gamma Lyr: Sulafat. The 2nd brightest star in Lyra.

Delta Lyr. An optical double.

Epsilon Lyr. The Double-Double. (The standard test for telescopic performance on Double stars)

Objects of interest.

NGC 6791. An Open Cluster. At 8 billion years old, it defies the norm by being metal rich.

Eta Lyr. A Showcase Double.

Struve 2470 & 2474. Another Double-Double, however fainter & easier to split.

R Lyrae. A variable, red star.

RR Lyrae. This is the prototype of this type of variable stars.

Messiers: M56 & M57
Caldwell: Nil

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