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From an astronomy viewpoint , it's interesting that Dante's description of Southern Cross needed someone to be south of 22degrees N (say Abu Simbel in Egypt) in 1300 . The northern "flaming heavens" were "widowed by deprivation of seeing it" and Polaris never rose, which was south of 4degrees S.

Arabs may have been the observers but the evidence points to Javanese sailing past 'Cape of Good Hope'. This is consistent with Javanese reaching Wollongong , as mutual corroboration.

Although most Indigenous people say there were no foreign contacts , Bundjalung ( Brisbane) and Dharawal people (Sydney) are different and have legends about ancestors arriving by boat "from the central part of the world due to wars", "from the north" . The Bundjalung 3 brothers were Ya Birrein, Birrung and Mamoon. ("Australian Dreaming." J Isaacs 1979). In Old Balinese these are "oldest. youngest. uncle". Old Balinese is a form of Old Java language with about 25% Sanskrit words. The grandmother was Gaminyah who walked away like a goanna , which have "a clumsy and slow, swinging walk" . Sanskrit gammanya "thinking oneself a cow" and gamin "moving in any peculiar manner , slow, languid". The Old Java form is gamana and -ya when used in determinative position indicates agent in passive forms. They came from ngareenbeil "overseas islands", OB "your beloved countryman". (Darma Putra , Languages-UQld , email).

Bundjalung Nation
Bundjalung..whose dream time stories talk about arriving in Australia from elsewhere. They came from the land "at the centre of the world"

Murni Dhungang Jirrar - Living in the Illawarra - Environment ... › OEH › Documents
They brought the Dharawal or Cabbage Tree Palm with them from the north and are named for this sacred tree. p5.

Dharawal "palm tree". OJ dāru (Skt) piece of wood, wood, timber.
-wala In compounds it seems to be ``all kinds of, in every respect''.

The uses include palm-thatch , stem for water-carrier as in Indonesia and edible 'cabbage' sprout. Bangalay is the swamp-mahogany with bark used for roofing, as in "Bangalay" housing at UOW. The palm-tree water-carrier is bangala , made from banggulu / bangalow palm in Bundjalung also used for roof thatch , as in Indonesian bangla , bangalaya in Skt.

The lenition in OJ nagara "realm, state" is possibly seen in:
A Ngurra for Indigenous Australia in Canberra › aboriginalway › a-ngurra-for-i...

Feb 28, 2019 - “Ngurra is a word that it appears in many different Aboriginal languages around the country, that basically has the same meaning . It’s the word for ‘home’, ‘camp’, ‘a place of belonging’, ‘a place of inclusion’.

Billibellary - Wikipedia › wiki › Billibellary

Billibellary (c. 1799–1846) was a song maker and influential ngurungaeta of the Wurundjeri-willam clan during the early years of European settlement of Melbourne..
( Javanese negarane gita "song of country").

and so on..
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