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It's a case of the law of diminishing returns. Your eyes can't tell the difference between a 16Mp and a 50Mp image, simply because you can't seed detail that fine. If you had the visual acuity of an eagle, then yes, you could. But, since we never evolved with that sort of vision, then it's moot having all those pixels. If it were a case of colour discrimination, then that's a different matter entirely. Even there 24bit colour is about the limit...32bit at a push. With astro-images, 16bit is really all you need to get great piccies. 24bit would even be excessive in most objects and 32bit would be way over the top. You're not going to get that much variation in a celestial object (except maybe a planet, asteroid or satellite) that you're going to need 4.3 billion separate colours (32bit). It's mostly contrast and brightness that varies in these pics, and the changes in these characteristics within an object.
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