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Originally Posted by Saturnine View Post
Don't know if the stars are a bit bloated from the condensation, looks fine to me though. A very good capture with lots of detail of new blue star forming areas in the spiral arms and lots of faint background galaxies.
Thanks Jeff. See below.

Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
Interesting to see the difference between my newt and your refractor at similar focal lengths
The refractor tends to display a softer or subtle image with the stars showing a glow or halo of the airy disc whereas the reflector more of a sharp, tinny look with tac sharp or pin point stars , just my initial observations between the two types of images and scopes , mirrors vs glass lens
Both do a great job on this object
Well done !!
Thanks Martin.
A layer of moisture on the lens probably didn't help. It also affected the guide scope.

I have dew heaters installed now on both main and guide scope.

And will give it another go tonight.
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