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As a photographer I live in the real world, I have never ever looked at DxO camera marks, or any Pv etc.

My Edh=ge Hd Celestron is 1/4 Pv I know that, I asked Celestron, I had a 1/18th Pv in the past, as a person I never saw and will never see any difference.

My D4s, D810 bought new with quality Nikkor lenses do what I want when I want, my scopes are the same, I could not justify a Tak, I don't want a Tak, I don't want a 30" Dob.

As I say, I live in the real world, I buy my gear for me not Strehl ratio or wavelengths.

I often shoot at sports events, and see people obsessed with gear. Never posted my site before.

Buy, enjoy and use it
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