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I have 40mm and 28mm in the 68d series and 18, 11, 8.8 and 6.7 in the 82d series.

I've used them in SCTs, refractors and Dobs and think they're pretty good - I also didn't notice particular aberrations. The 8.8 has a little reflection issue in the older model allegedly fixed, but I don't own a newer (fixed) model. I do notice on the moon or planets, but it's not too bad - I've seen worse. I've heard the 14mm (available in the 82d series) has minor curvature issues, but I've never owned one.

They also make a 100d series. I looked through one ... 30-ish mm, I think, can't quite remember ... at a star party and was a bit nonplussed - it's not worth the ... ahem ... astronomical cost! I'd save the money and stick with the 82d or 68d series, which, other than the two issues noted above, have pretty good reputations and are, IMHO, a good bang for the buck.

Oh, one other thing: in the SCT, I got some minor kidney beaning with the 40mm but only because the eye relief is pretty long and the optimal eye position is above the rubber eye cup. My solution was to make a second rubber wrap-around (from neoprene) just the right height for me, which pretty much eliminates the issue. It's a big hunk of glass, but a nice view.
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