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Its a common question and impossible to accurately answer online, only as a generalisation. So many factors at work, including a Fact that no two [insert any camer make and model here] will ever have the same noise characteristics. Plus what you see as unacceptable noise amount, others may find acceptable. I'm yet to see a definitive SnR measurement test that can quantify to a value for everyone.

The real answer everyone must provide for themselves by testing the camera they own. Camera on tripod with manual settings and adjust only ISO, shutter time not important as you are looking to take shots of the noise, not really equivalent exposures (and you can find debates on more shots of less time vs less shots of longer time), all you can do is take noise shots to see what YOU feel is your camera sweet spot setting. do all the values at the same outting as quick as you can, leave camera on for 5min or so to let it warm up a bit (as it will when shooting subs) then take iso changing shots. I suggest use a burst mode to take several shots each time you click, so you can see how consistant the noise is at each iso.

You can also experiment with in camera noise reduction options too with this process just repeat the iso set again with different nr option, take notes as you make adjustments

if you shoot with a lens you should do a similar sort of test by adjusting the f-stop value along with shutter speed as you do want equivalent exposures this time since its signal not noise you're looking at. This will help you find the sweet spot of your lens for sharpness, pay attention to center frame and corners and how it changes.

After those two tests you have an ideal ISO value and f-stop value you can manually set, after those you only have shutter speed to ever worry about.
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