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What is the best iso

First I post a link which I read today and am now somewhat confused.

I need to read it again but thought folk here might like it.

In any event researching ISO today I went from an understading (flawed or not) that dslr cameras used a base iso and adjusted brightness by multiplying or decreasing based off that base iso...Further research suggested that base iso was indeed 100.
I was forming the view that shooting at 100 was therefore the best.
However reading all that is in the link has me confused.
He suggests noise may even be less at what I call very high very confused.

So now I dont know which high or low...

So what should I use on my Nikon D5500?

Last night I stacked 120 frames ( 30 seco d each) thinking I was getting the Cats Paw but looking and processing I am not sure if I was on is not in the image..It should have been as I was shooting at 200 mm thru my little 70 - 200 camera lens so I was confident it should have been in there...maybe the Moon was too bright...did I say I was at 3200 ISO?
The stack looked great but I cant get it to you via a post because I am having power problems (the panels are not charging my "office" batteries and I am desparatly trying to top them up with a 2.5 amp battery charger from Kmart via a little genny)... those in the house have banned me from playing on the lap top☺.

Anyways beside the point...does anyone have any views on the best ISO for dslrs and specifically the Nikon D5500 as apparently as the link mentions there are diffetent approaches depending on the camera.
And another question...perhaps yet another thread☺
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