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If you are using K3CCDTools...

Hello to all of my friends Down Under!

I just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know that we have encountered a BIG problem with the LATEST version of K3CCDTools. The version number WILL CRASH AT START UP!

DO NOT DO ANY UPDATES UNTIL IT IS FIXED! My son, Stephen and I wasted well over four good imaging hours last night chasing this thing. We thought is was something that we did. We finally loaded it onto two other computers and had the same results. It BOMBED! The web site has only the latest file and NO ARCHIVES! Not too smart in my opinion. We have sent priority notices to the author to let him know of the problem. Most likely, it will be resolved soon.

This leads me to the next item; has anyone got the original download file for version Stephen never kept the original download file. He has learned a big lesson as a result. Until we can get an earlier version we are dead in the water. If anyone has that file we would certainly appreciate getting a copy. We have the registration codes that we assigned to us. We just need a working copy.

Why do we want this software? Because we can do AUTOGUIDING with the Mini Tower and Mini Tower PRO WITHOUT ASCOM and without that silly adapter that iOptron made which is now out of production!! As many of you are aware, the ASCOM driver from iOptron is one step shy of useless. It's got more bugs than a sewer and crashes on just about everything else. When we use K3CCDTools and Voyager 4.5.XXX we do not need ASCOM and have great success with both programs. As far as we can determine, these are the only two programs that will talk to the iOptron hand controllers, DIRECTLY!!

Thanks to all and clear skies,

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