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I had as much fun as James last night, looking at quite different things! I have a perhaps tediously extensive observation report over at my blog, but highlights:
* M42 and 43, of course - I really do love this time of year - they just looked incredible. Every time I look at the nebula there it just looks brilliant.
* an awesome little planetary, NGC2438, and a totally lovely open cluster, NGC2169.
* various double stars
* Omega Centauri (always breathtaking, and stupidly detailed);
* the Gem Cluster and Jewel Box (open clusters I will make an exception for);
* Centaurus A (a faint galaxy with what appears to be a split in the middle);
* and the seriously cool Ghost of Jupiter (another planetary nebula - I love it).

Plus everything James insisted on showing me...

We packed it in around 2.15, with the moon rising: a crescent, it was so yellow it looked like a banana. If we'd hung around a bit longer we could have looked at Saturn, but my goodness it got cold. From complaining about the heat in the day, we ended up as rugged up as we've ever been while observing. Can't wait for tonight.
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