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Originally Posted by Russj View Post
Alex, you hav'nt said whether you use an ipad or android tablet, I use a cheap Lenova 10" tablet which works fine with the Asiair, just download the app from Google play, its totally painless.

My Asiair is driving a SW Az-Gti in Eq mode with a Canon T3i, it does gotos and tracks as well as my NEQ6, PHd & SGpro.
My first tablet is a Lenovo which I like very much ...only paid $120. But for whatever reason it did not get the wifi.
The new one is a Samsung and the number on the little book "quick start guide" shows " SM-T595".

So it picks up the wifi and I expect in time I can sort it out on the reasonable assumption that it is me that is doing something wrong..maybe the net connection is a factor as I do have problems here at times..
Anyways I will chip away.
If I dont get anywhere I will email zwo..I emailed them recently to suggest they look into curved sensors and ti my surprise they replied saying they had no plans so I sent another thanking them and pointed out that whoever gets an astro camera with one will kill their competition...wont it be interesting to see if my prediction is correct.
Anyways I feel like I am part of the company now☺.

Thanks for your reassuring post it really helps to hear that it works in those moments when I have not got it working.
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