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Hi, Looks like i finally got some clear skies to test out my Collimation, It turned out that the laser collimator was a bad unit, was way out even after collimating it.
Got things spot on with the chesiere and i was reading too much into the collimation process, found a simpler way of doing things.
But looking at Jupiter, everything was crystal clean, even could see the bands around it.
But if i i was looking to do a little bit of astophotrapraghpy on the planets,
I was looking for a better suited scope than my current 10 inch Dobsonian,
I was looking between either the Skywatcher Black Diamond 120/900 ED
or the Skywatcher Black Diamond 180/2700 Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope.
Would both be a very good choice or one better suited to planetary astrophotagraphy that the other?
Thanks again.
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