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Originally Posted by NathanK25 View Post
Thanks very much Sil and Ukastronomer. You've give me some things to think about. I would very much like to keep my existing OTA if possible. My main reason for wanting to change is portability and ease of set-up. As I don't really see myself getting back into AP any time soon, I think an Alt-Az mount is the way to go. I had my eye on a Celestron Evolution 6 package because I liked the internal rechargeable battery, inbuilt wifi, releasable clutch, goto and hand holds on the mount. By all accounts, Celestron doesn't sell its Alt-Az mounts separately. There seems to be limited options out there otherwise though, I've been looking at the Skywatcher Discovery mounts, but they don't look to be able to handle anything above 5kg (my C8 is 5.67kg).

I'd be very interested in any views or advice you might have.
THEY DO sell them separately you just have to order them, I bought the package though as I wanted a SC, to find these two sites took me seconds, have you googled "Celestron Evolution Mount" as I did
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