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RAWs and workflow

Hi all.

I've been using largest jpeg quality format on the 350D up till now, but have started using RAW's today - since I'll get 16bit images to work with and can preserve that quality right up until saving for web display.

So my question is, what program do you guys use for RAW transfer and workflow stuff?

That is, cataloging, classifying, manipulation etc, before opening them in photoshop (or similar) for post-processing?

I'm using the Canon ZoomBrowser EX at the moment, but have read some good things about "RAW Shooter Essentials". Haven't tried it yet though.

What else do you guys use or recommend?

I've been really slack in classifying and cataloging my shots - basically they go into a directory with the date they were shot, and a brief title of what it was that day (for example, "bike park"). I want to get more organised in this area.

Opinions welcome.
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