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The other big issue is aperture size on the telescope side for access to stars for the prism without a shadow on the image and ability to rotate easily. The Celestron can accommodate a very large telescope side connection and clear an APSC sensor. The SCT connection can be purchased in several sizes , a 48 mm low profile female dovetail connection comes in the box and I have had a 72mm dovetail made from a large SCT dovetail.

I am sure there are many other quality OAG systems but many of the cheaper ones are small aperture, non focussing, are not double dovetail and do not come equipped with a box full of robust dovetails and adapters.

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The Celestron has a prism size of 12.5mm, compared to 8mm for the ZWO. Along with the helical focuser and range of adapters the Celestron looks to be a great kit, so I've placed an order.
Thanks for the input everyone
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