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Originally Posted by Moon View Post
I just tried a new approach that seems to work ok.

TAKEPIC,LAST,+,00:00:02.5,5DMKII,1/500,8.0,100,0.000,RAW,,N,Corona bracketing 500
TAKEPIC,LAST,+,00:00:01.1,5DMKII,B1 .000,8.0,100,0.000,RAW,,N,Corona

The first TAKEPIC sets the exposure, the second one is a BULB exposure, so the camera goes into continuous shooting mode for one second and takes about 5 images per second.
If it's what it does, then EO is really buggy and the bulb exposure doesn't work properly at all! A one second bulb exposure is only one exposure that should last one second, nothing else.
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