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Originally Posted by AstralTraveller View Post
I've got the gear together, can run sequences and am pretty organised with my coronal shots. The thing I'm hung up on is the sequence around the 2nd and 3rd contacts - what features to shoot when. I think the visualiser in EO has some advice but I can't find it documented anywhere. There are a number of coloured bands which I think represent features like Diamond Ring, Bailey Beads, Chromosphere, Prominences, Inner Corona and Outer Corona. Their span across the time axis is the time to shoot these features and the position on the vertical axis is their brightness (in Q?). Does anyone know if I am reading this right? Otherwise, when should I shoot what?
I have the same question about the color bands. I'm finding my exposures aren't inside them. Does this mean I've got my exposures wrong or some misconfiguration somewhere?
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