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David not to put this down, but that is quite funny to watch.

You guys in my opinion are over complicating all of this. Simple is best in my experience. Things often do not allow for complicated at an eclipse.

Both totals I have been to have been cloud affected, this one will be the same in all likelyhood. In that case you need to use different exposure settings. High cloud in particular will wipe out all this automated stuff. Images will be way under exposed. Being able to shoot to compensate for any cloud will be the best strategy. I wish you luck but I am going with a remote, my mount, 300mm f2.8 with 2xTEC, Lunt 80, PGR camera and laptop. All battery operated. The Lunt will be for 5 minute exposures leading up to totality and the white light will only be for the period of totality.

Time will tell I suppose.
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