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AstroPhoMo 6th october

I'm using an 80mm Refractor. You can glimpse the setup in the foreground of todays shot.

As last nights session went into the wee hours this morning I've counted the shots taken after midnight as todays shots.

I've taken a flash light trail during a 30 second shot in the backyard and you can just see the southern cross and pointers just above the trees center right.

The other shot is a 10 minute exposure south celestial pole star trail through the telescope after I parked it, mainly for a bit of fun but the outcome will be some fine adjustments to the mount to bring the SCP bang on center with the concentric circular patterns radiating out.

I'm thinking now that with accurate polar alignment and some PEC (periodic error correction) on the mount (something I've never bothered doing before) I can go out and capture relatively uncomplicated unguided short exposures without too much fuss.

If I get a chance for a clear run I'll try and restart the autoguiding for some longer shots at some point.

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