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Oct Nov Astro Photo challenge Month (AstroPhoMo)

This is a bit of an exercise I've coined myself and taken on styled on a similar activity that my wife partakes in called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). The idea is to write 1700 words a day for a month.

So I've coined AstroPhoMo (Astro Photo Month) where I will attempt to take and post one Astro or Night Sky Photo a day for a month.

You can see the first two days efforts on my Blog at

The main idea is to challenge myself to do different things with different combinations of equipment that I might not ordinarily attempt. It's already got me motivated to attempt something different each day instead of just doing the same old things. Hopefully tomorrow night if its clear enough I'll attempt to image an asteroid.

If anyone wants to have a go too let me know and I might put a face book page for it if there's enough interest or we could just create a special thread or just use this one. No need to worry about specific dates. I envisage a two month overlap October to November will work fine.


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