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I have taken it to mean always east so yes rebalance when you do a meridian flip. However I have no real source for this. I think I actually found it in a post on this board while searching about my autoguiding problems, but I've also heard it mentioned in a conversation with another astronomer.

The logic is sound. If you're east heavy the RA motor is always pushing with each step. If you're perfectly balanced the scope may wobble ever so slightly as it bounces between sides of the worm gear, then you get backlash too if the worm isn't really engaged when the motor makes a step. If you're west heavy you're relying on gravity to advance your RA step.

I did see a powerpoint on the importance of perfect guiding and how to achieve it, and at the very end it said without justification that on some mounts you may want to bias your weights and that it again should be heavy on the east.
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