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Originally Posted by skysurfer View Post
With the newly released Mk3 with alleged 2 stops advance over the Mk2 (i.e. a 12500 iso photo has the same grain as an Mk2 3200 iso photo with same aperture, exposure, same subject) I am tempted to upgrade from the eos 40 to the 5 Mk3.
But the 5Mk2 is still 2 stops ahead of the 40. And is $1500 cheaper.

Here in NL the 5d3 is offered for $3500 body only and the 5d2 PLUS 24-105 f/4L for $2500.
Or wait for the 70d with a crop sensor but with DIGIC 5 and I can keep two of my lenses (which are APS-C and thus useless on the 5d) ?

Better ISO performance will shorten exposure times by at least a factor of four, reducing tracking errors greatly.
I'm with Luigi on the RAW/ISO comments. Little value to ISO above 1600 in RAW.

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