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Hi Orestis,

They've got some nice bits of gear there, don't they! The 16" would provide some interesting views of the neighbours at night too, . Ooops, I shouldn't say that too loudly. I wouldn't want to give up the gig for the good folks up on the Hill.

I came across an old article on the history of Observatory Hill. The obs. stands on the site of the first working flour mill built in Australia. It was brought in from England in the mid 1790's in the colony's attempts to be more self sufficient, and only lasted for less than 8 years. Some wiseguy thought it a good idea to nick the cloth sails from the vains one night, and they were never replaced, . Sailing ships galour in those times, and it didn't occur to anyone to make new ones for the mill???? Oh, I forgot, they were all pickled on rum at that time too, thanks to old Governor Bligh.

Edit: I see Robert and I share the same wicked thoughts...
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