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Originally Posted by ngcles View Post
Hi Orestis,

I'm sorry I missed you -- I generally only work at night (it's because I'm ugly and it is harder to scare the public at night). I didn't have a shift last week (this week I've got four).

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Imagine doing what you did and getting paid for it! Best Job!


Les D
It's alright Les I would of liked to have met you but maybe another time.Geoff Sims and I were having a conversation about you,if that doesn't sound too weird.

we were talking about how amatuer astronomers know more about the genral night sky than most proffesionals.

Geoffrey Wyatt was my supervisor for the week and he said that if i want in the future i should apply for some casual work at the observatory,if i'm going to be attending uni in sydney.

Hope we can meet up some time soon.

Regards Orestis
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