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Sydney Observatory Observations

Hi everyone,

Last week,I attended work experience at the sydney observatory and enjoyed myself very much.During my work experiecence I saw some objects I hadn't ever seen before.

I saw the sun in H alpha for the first time ever, LIVE.

Wow it was awesome,I could see prominences coming off the sun,everywhere .I even saw one making a looping shape.This was an awesome experience and I only wished I had a Ha telescope of my own.

I also saw Mercury for the first time through the 10'' schmidt cassegrain telescope.I could see its slightly gibbous phase,which was fascinating .I also saw Venus and jupiter in broad daylight which was interesting to see the difference between night and day.

I Also stayed for the night sessions on some nights and saw astronomers teach the public.The telescope dome was pretty cool and thought to myself that in the future I should make one.

Thanks for reading
Cheers Orestis
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