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Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
Thanks Sab, I found NGC 6221 quite complex to look at, I think because its amongst a bit of foreground activity. I want to have a bit more of a look at this one and perhaps do some sketching, I'll get back to you on the knot.
It is a bit weird to find a nice bright galaxy among the milky way star fields of Ara. I was looking for something else the first time I swept it accident..darn thing almost gave me a heart attack! But definately an excellent galaxy IMO. I should've investigated this knot last night when seeing permitted magnifications close to 800x, some reckless magnification would've revealed on the spot if its a foreground star or a diffuse HII region.

Hope you have a good night - if you get your scope any better collimated, who knows what you'll be able to see. I'm going to try your trick with a dark headcloth for my next exploration of faint galaxies. I already use a towel over my head for solar observing, so it's just one more small step into the lunatic world of the obsessed observer. I already look like some kind of hybrid of a brown bear, a pile of washing and a red-eyed dalek on most observing nights.
lol reminds me of one story I read somewhere about a couple of guys observing on a hill near Brisbane with their dobs and using towels to block stray light. Apparently the cops pulled up as a member of the public called them to report a group of Taliban extremists aiming rocket launchers at the city
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