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If your a beginner why go for a brand new camera, I have been imaging for 6 months now and i can tell you the insessive factory fitted filter is a KILLER... you can get a fully modified 350d for 500-600, you will need a DSUSB to take long exposures or just make a DSUSB (not that hard). These cameras are what gave canon their name for the DSLR to use back when they came out! 700 is a fair bit for something that you may or maynot take to! 500 is a little bit more pallateable plus being modified (filter removed and replaced with a astronomy tuned filter) is a better option in my opinion. Plus the 1000d has alot of noise.

1000 d - consumer - budget minded people who want better than handi cam pictures
450 d - prosumer - Dont mind spending a bit more for more features and better build quality
50 d - Semi professional pretty much all the features of a professional rig - a few extras
5d - professional big bucks high end high quality best of everything!

thats how canon numbers work.
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