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I loved the Praktica Super TL, and my old Werra V. I have always veered toward manual cameras and spent the big dollars for a Nikon FM over the FE, and a Nikon FP3 HP (that was nice! Having a big viewfinder as a glasses wear. So good.) My compact is the Leica D-Lux/Lumix LX100 that is laid out like an old style camera with manual controls, and you need to go to the menu for all the scene settings. It's a beautiful camera. (My dSLR is the Canon EOS70D)

I still think in terms of Aperture and Shutter speed. I do use Aperture Preferred at times, but mostly a scene doesn't change much, so you can set the camera and go. At most you may need to do a quick adjustment of one or the other, or do a +/- adjust.

Although I share some of the results online, it's a hobby that I do for my own enjoyment and that involves making my own exposure decisions and developing in software. I love digital photography because I don't need a chemistry setup and darkroom any more. But, having backup is important, because there are no negatives to go back to.

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