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Originally Posted by diegocolonnello View Post
First light with new Collimarion, Not happy but better than before, the curvature on ccd inspector looks way Crazy......... is it possible a field flattener will help?

i will continue my journey hahaha

5 x 60 seconds subs (between clouds) calibrated and processed... shot with canon 40Da...

I will get there,.,,,,,,,,,
You're imaging the wrong fov with CCDIS. You need to pick a uniform starfield with no bright stars and devoid of nebulae. Short exposures high gain to get a good reading. Also this refractor will still need a flattener so just look for odd star shapes on axis to start with and ignore the edges as long as the flaring is symmetrical and centered. A flat field will also help to check that the illumination is centered.
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