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Originally Posted by h0ughy
not fully up with this type of cloud I suspect it is rare, looking it up on the net it looked a beautiful sight. the only thing that I have seen come close for me is this that I took last year with the layering of clouds with the storm approaching. i suspect it is not quite what the topic is. Who has a shot of this cloud---Astroman?
Sorry HOughy, that's not quite a lenticular. A lenticular cloud is a lens shaped cloud, generally formed when wind passes over a hill and the air is raised causing condensation. They often look like a circular lens (hence the name) or a flying saucer (the UFO kind, not crockery! ). They sometimes appear in lines where the air oscillates up and down through the condensation layer after being disturbed by the hill.

I have taken at least 2 photos of lenticular clouds... really I have... I just can't find them at the moment to post (and now I'm at work anyway - but I was looking for them last night in case no one had one).

But a cloud of lentils shows good lateral thinking skills!!!

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