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Another thing to consider is that 460mm is an 8 inch scope and there are plenty of 20 inch scope options but they all have secondary mirrors typically up to 50% obstruction. So this is 18 inches unobstructed.

Tony Hallas did some images with a specially made AP203 APO. He picked up lots of tiny galaxies and detail not normally seen. So there is a jump when its unobstructed.

Considering there are quite a few good scopes at inch aperture then of these tied together give 16 inches of aperture. It would be a lot of work processing the results and lots of cameras unless you had some optical device that could bring them all together at the back so one camera captured it all. The could be a 16 inch APO for $16K. Imagine 4 x FSQ106ED's linked together. But 4 cameras would really add to the cost.

Focusing would take a while.

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