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Originally Posted by PRejto View Post
Thanks for posting this! I learned a lot by listening to the whole seminar.
You're welcome, Peter. I found it just as informative and had a feeling that some folks here on the forum would benefit from it too. I wouldn't be so hasty as to write your own efforts off as puny, since any effort made is worth much more than no effort at all.

I feel that the implications of a system like the Dragonfly are enormous and although the concept is nothing new by any means, such a design could be successfully implemented in the amateur field with considerable gains.

Although some might argue that the potential costs of such an endeavor would probably outweigh any benefits, some back-of-the-envelope numbers suggest that there is a sweet spot in the market which could allow for a fast and generously sized instrument to be constructed with reasonably inexpensive and readily available components. I think the primary limitation would be the end-users ability to configure and operate the instrument.
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