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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
TEC optimise their lenses at .99 strehl in green with a low of .69 in far blue. So TEC and I am sure AP rate their Strehl at different wavelengths.

The overall average is more like .9 or so. .8 strehl may be the overall average at various wavelengths of the visible spectrum.

Yes I heard Tak got their fluorite lenses from the same company as Canon. I am not sure if they still make fluorite lenses anymore?

A few responses: yes, Tak still has fluorite in their range - the new FC-100's are fluorite, the FS-60 is fluorite, the FCT and FET "Buy a house instead" scopes are fluorite.

Canon-Optron make the lenses for Takahashi to order, as they did for Vixen (not sure if they still do - doubt it, as the majority of Vixen stuff now is Synta spec). As far as I am aware, ALL Takahashi optics are made in Japan without compromise.

I believe Tak still uses MgF2 AR coatings predominantly, though this may not be so.
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