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White Balance?

Hi Guys,

I have a question for you camera buffs out there .....

For normal terrestrial photography, do we bother adjusting white balance on our all-singing, all-dancing DSLR cameras of today?

I've been reading about it since with a lens I recently bought from a forum member, a white balance filter was supplied.

Reading about it, it doesn't seem terribly complicated. But I just wanted to know whether if there's a benfit to checking and perhaps adjusting regularly or with different light conditions.

So, before you guys go out and create these stunning bird, reptile, macro, lightning etc shots - have you all fiddled with your white balance?

Or are our todays cameras all pretty much set (at the factory) and forget?

If we do adjust, - then how often? Is it once a year, before each shoot sequence, once when the camera is new and then never again?

Or what?

All replies much appreciated
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