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Originally Posted by ballaratdragons View Post
Yeah, I know, you've already seen this one of mine, but It's a new section and I want to contribute

NGC 2070 (30 Doradus) The Tarantula Nebula

Located in the Large Magellanic Cloud in Southern Skies, the Tarantula
Nebula has an apparent magnitude of 8.0 and is about 160,000 light years

The exciting thing about ‘The Tarantula’ is that it is a nebula in ‘another
Galaxy’. If it was as close to us as the Orion Nebula is, it would fill 60
degrees of the sky and far outshine Venus!

It is named ‘The Tarantula’ due to it’s appearance being like a giant

Drawn with number 3 pencil on white art board, scanned and inverted in
Photoshop CS. Red Hue added in Photoshop CS.
Date Drawn: 2006 while observing Tarantula through a 12″ reflector with a
32mm 2″ Erfle Eyepiece.

Ken James
Snake Valley, Australia
Ken, this is the most amazing sketch I have seen- such incredible detail and shading and contrast You are so talented! Please post more pics of your wonderful work.

Poor Alex, I felt his pain. Especailly more painful as your sketch was next to Ken's.
Alex, that was a great pic of the Carina Nebula - nice work.
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