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Originally Posted by barx1963 View Post
Thanks for the comments Sab.
I certainly don't "churn" out reports as much as I would like, but I try to grab any clear night, even if the seeing and transparency are a bit iffy and just make the best of what I can. When we do get a good night down here though it is spectacular!
Tell me about it! My last report dates from early January

I agree that I would like to get more power on objects such as 3211. Unfortunately my short EPs are a 13mm Nagler (115x) and an 8mm Stratus (187x). I have a 2x barlow but neither it or the 8mm yeild really satisfactory results. I am thinking of a short Nagler or Radian say 6 or 5mm to get 250x or 300x, but have to justify the cost which I cannot do ATM.
If you barlow your 8mm you'll get 374x which is pretty decent. What brand is your barlow? Could be that your less than ideal results are due to seeing, this summer has been deplorable. I've found even 267x to be pushing it virtually every night of the 3 I had this summer. I would save for and get that short FL eyepiece because there will be nights when you'll be reaching for it IF your barlow is not up to the task, think about getting a Televue 2.5x powermate. These things rock, the image quality is fantastic with it (if seeing is on my side)! I find I prefer the powermate to either of my televue barlows.
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