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How does a southern Victorian churn out so many reports in this Melbourne-cast day and age? Your a trooper Malcolm!

NGC 2477 is epic. Nuff said. The best open cluster for richness IMO. Really shines in a 12" class scope. I "discovered" 2477 by accident while sweeping with the 120st, had I not swept it up I'm sure I wouldn't know anything about it! Pretty strange that this awesome cluster is rarely ever mentioned even amongst our southern hemisphere brethen. Had it been in Cassiopeia I'm sure it would be amongst the sky's most heralded objects...especially when paired with its odd couple neighbour 2451 which is the polar opposite to 2477 in everyway with its bright, sparse yet still eyecatching group of stars. How's that for contrast! I shall make a suggestion for NGC 3211 and other small PNe, IMO 115x is far too low magnification, try really pumping up the power on such small high surface brightness planetaries as they can often show detail that is invisible at lower mags. These objects are extremely magnification tolerant and will take several hundred mags in good seeing.


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