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Hi guys,
just in case anyone is looking for Isopropyl Alcohol and can't get it from a chemist, sign writing suppliers sell it for cleaning cars etc prior to applying vinyl to them. I used chemist supplied isopropyl alcohol for cleaning my naglers etc for years. When I finally ran out, I just started using the isopropyl from my local sign writing supply shop. I paid about $10 for 1L.

As far as I can tell, this isopropyl leaves no residue at all (first tested on an old eyepiece). Any residue in a cleaning product like this sold by an automotive vinyl distributor would no doubt stop their vinyl from sticking to cars properly. I do sign writing from time to time and also use this isopropyl for cleaning vehicles as the final stage before vinyl application. It leaves them squeekey clean with zero polish etc left on the surface.

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