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Welcome to the ToUcam world Robert,
If you are like me the learning curve will drive you crazy. Fortunately there is a good knowledge base now, and this forum excells at this.
Registax is the accept leader. and for capture you can use all manner of programs.
Some that spring to mind are K3CCD Tools, IRIS, Astrosnap, and even the VLounge program that Philips package with the ToUcam.
I have never used an I/R filter, but many do.
The only other program I have in conjunctionw ith the ToUcam and K3 is WcCTrl. This allows fine tuning and repeatablity of the ToUcam settings.
Depending on your scope you may need a Barlow or similar as well. If you subscribe to the Salaway method you will not indulge in tracking for your Dob, at least for 12 months.
Good luck,
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