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I will be seriously considering a water pump for use during the summer up here in cloudy SE Qld. I did see an interesting design for the water cooling system used by Eric Rumbo in BrisVegas. From memory he uses a tall ice bucket (similar to a champagne bucket). He encloses the top of the bucket with a lid that has a peltier connected to it. He then has an aluminium "maze" attached to the peltier. As the water comes back from the camera it cirulates through the maze, cooling as it goes, and then empties into the bottom of the ice bucket where it then gets pumped back up into the camera.

He does this to overcome the heat transfered from the camera to the water. Eric has been carrying out photometry on variable stars for many years and certainly knows his apples from his oranges. Could be an interesting design to consider. Or even attaching a peltier to the radiator could be considered.
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