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that would be a good pump for the purpose, i have used a few of these for watercooling computers. if you decide on another pump make sure you look at its wattage, it could put more heat into the water than the camera.

also you would need a radiator to dump the heat from the loop, a single 120mm radiator + fan would suit just fine

all this depends on the barb size of the camera though, the mcp655 and radiator would be fine down to 3/8" but for 1/4" you'd have to look at something else.

by the way, make sure not to watercool it without a radiator as the water will end up very hot not only from the heat of the ccd but also the pump. also it is a good idea to use Clearflex or Tygon tubing as most of the other tubing avaliable will go powdery inside and flake away when you use additives to stop nasties from growing in the water and this isnt very healthy for any of the parts in the loop (both mentioned are very flexible laboratory grade tubing)
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