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Here are a couple of images taken with the 294 0n the Rasa8. A lot of the galaxies are a bit small with the larger FOV of the 294 compared with the 290 but the nebulae generally fit very well.
These are both 10sec sub x6 stack so a total of 1 minute.
I use Sharpcap and the images are auto saved at 1 or 3 minutes. I rarely go any longer . It is all about what I am viewing at the time.

I polar align the EQ6 and HEQ5 with sharpcap and it is very straight forward.
My tracking problems have been with the C6 nexstar alt/az .The C6 has hyperstar . There is a big quality difference if I put the C6 on the HEQ5 compared to its alt/az mount. They are short subs so it is not a rotational problem..more of a tracking problem.

The Meade LX90 SCT is a great visual scope,but I have produced some terrible images which I posted on the Videoastronomy forum mainly to get some feedback on what I was doing wrong..The tracking on the LX90 appears to be ok.

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