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A surprising amount of detail there for very short subs and a 400mm focal length. The smaller pixels of the 290 compared to the 294 would be a help there I imagine. I wonder how much of that I could recover with drizzle on multiple deep exposures with my ASI294, I don't have any plans to replace that in the immediate future.

You have mentioned it elsewhere (Perhaps on the video astronomy forum) about tracking issues which you can see to some degree in those, doing unguided imaging, how are you dealing with polar alignment? I messed around for a long time with PA and ended up buying a Polemaster camera, best money I have spent on gear not directly related to capturing photons since I started. Though it would depend on being able to see the pole. Particularly for such short focal lengths, so long as the pole and Octans are visible you can be aligned in 5 minutes.
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