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Celestron adjusted the collimation for me as well as the mirror tilt . There is still slight mirror tilt which doesnt bother me at all.I have a couple of sct's and am familiar with collimation, but I wouldnt touch the RASA.

I post on the Videoastronomy forum where the images are not post processed and thats how I prefer to do my hobby. I dont save my images very often after posting so most of my RASA 8 images are on that forum.

I have the Celestron Rasa 8 LPR and the Starizona filter slider which attaches to the zwo 294 and has the required backfocus of 6.5 +19.5 . However ,I am happy without them. There is no starbloat that bothers me with the 294. When using the ZWO 290mm and smaller FOV it is more obvious but I like to use it for galaxies where I am better off without a filter.
I have the ED72 and agree a UV/IR cut is necessary,but that is my grab and go scope and dont even bother with galaxies. That is the job of the RASA.
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